jueves, 13 de abril de 2017

What does change the behavior of the alcoholic?

Usually the wives of alcoholics refer to them as 'pieces of bread if they don't drink and demons' when they do.

This feature of the transformation of the personality or character of these patients is one of the main aspects to take into account in this disease, since lack of knowledge of this phenomenon can prevent early recognition of the problem.

Temperament is immutable, but the character can Yes vary through the change of personality. Therefore, there is a qualitative change of the alcoholic behavior.

More features in the alcoholic behavioural symptoms or manifestations include the following: more immaturity, emotional dependency, insecurity, reckless behavior, emotional blackmail, low tolerance to frustration, complex of inferiority, hostility, jealousy, his complex of guilt, ideas and suicide attempts, deteriorating intellectual, loss of self-criticism, emotional imbalance, sentimentality and distortion in the sexual area, temporary impotence, sexual excesses, progressive of vital interests loss , bizarre behavior, personality disorders, anxiety, delusional ideas, etc.

All of these above symptoms are caused by the high alcohol intake.