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Master's degree in business administration (MBA)

Master's degree in business administration

A master's degree in business administration or Master in business administration (Master of Business Administration in English, abbreviated MBA) is an academic title master (or master), and therefore of postgraduate in business.

In general, the first year of an MBA is aimed at training in the knowledge of the business environment and operational functions of the company. The second year is more specialized and seeks to provide training in economic and administrative matters.

There are variations in the format of these programmes the duration, content and method of teaching. While the duration can vary from 1 to 3 years, the University masters have a duration of two years, while there are different offerings of qualifications of academic institutions, private as well as the universidades.1

What is a Master MBA
An MBA Master seeks, in particular, that the student ends up being able to navigate with ease and success in a very competitive and changing environment. Know manage a company (totally or partially) knowing to adapt their strategies to the conditions of the market and of competition.

Why an MBA aims to strengthen knowledge and skills, learn and master techniques of management and functionality internal company.

Moreover, efforts to know in depth the business environment, both at the level of competition are engaged as of new trends.

A curriculum usually includes, in order to ensure a solid professional tour for the student, courses in the following areas:

Company's strategy
Human resources
Human capital management
Finance and accounting
A student of a master MBA must deal with all these issues attending class either making the course distance, but in any case doing individual work and both practices as group, discovering and analyzing cases of success and business failure and, therefore, directly dealing with economic and business reality.

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